Andreas Weigend | Social Data Revolution | Fall 2015
School of Information | University of California at Berkeley | INFO 290A-03

Assignment Details:

Class, in the past 3 months we’ve heard from numerous CEOs and data scientists on powerful applications of social data. Your final assignment is to develop a proposal for a company of your choice detailing a novel data source and how it can be applied in a way that adds value to the end user. Complete the assignment with the end goal of submitting to the decision-makers at these companies. The higher caliber experiments will have a chance of being reviewed by the company’s decision makers.

Guidelines for the HW:
  • This project can be done in groups of 1 to 4
  • Remember the PHAME framework discussed in class:
    • What the Problem is and why we should care,
    • The Hypothesis - i.e. they key idea behind the solution (or Hypothesis)
    • The Action taken to execute
    • How you Measure whether the experiment is any good
    • The actual Evaluation
  • What new data would you use? How would you obtain it? How would you use it?
  • How will this new data improve the end user experience? Clarify how you can really improve the product.

Due Dates and Submission Details:

HW 5 will be due December 4th, with a check-in on November 10. The check in will be for feedback on what you are working on, not for grading. Submit the check-in as an email to __socialdatarev2015@gmail.com__ with your group members and the company you chose. Include a link to the company website.

After your check-in, you will be assigned a wikispace page to input your final homework details. This page will be located on the website and should have a similar format to the class wikispace pages. You will be graded as a team on what you have submitted to your wikispace page.

Grading Details

The assignment is worth 20 points. You will be graded on the following:
  • 16 Points: Content & Analysis
    • Apply PHAME framework (Problem, Hypothesis, Action, Measure)
    • Creativity and impact of data source and application
  • 4 Points: Presentation
    • Wikispace content should be easily readable and appealing. Include relevant images, diagrams, etc.

For sample formatting:

Remember to have fun with this last assignment, and we hope you had a great time working through these difficult real-life industry data problems in this class! Thank you for joining the Social Data Revolution of 2015!